Wooden Garage Buildings

Isn`t the humble garden shed one of the most useful objects in a garden?  But large, good quality wooden garage buildings or sheds are certainly not cheap when you factor in the local garden centre mark up.

However, order your Wooden Garage Buildings online, directly from Shop for Garden and you will cut out the middle man and get solid quality, lockable, all-weather protection for your car, tools, hobby or garden equipment for the most reasonable prices in town! 

Wooden garages, sheds and other garden buildings are are easy and cheap to erect yourself from a flat pack.  Come to Shop For Garden who supply the wood and all the fittings required from our forests in the Baltic.

By ordering direct through our website, you avoid the extortionate costs usually charged by your local garden centre.  Our skilled woodcutters and trusted partners in Latvia cut the measured wood, pack and ensure that full instructions (in English!) are all enclosed so that when they arrive, the erection of your wooden garage buildings is a simple, quick and satisfying way to spend an afternoon, and provide a lasting safe storage for your garden items or carry out your hobbies, or park your car.

Simply go to our shop to view the wooden garage buildings, choose your favourite and order ... and delivery will be with you in about two weeks.

While you are awaiting your purchase, we suggest you can make sure that your wooden garage buildings will have a firm hardstanding.  This can be hard packed earth, but we suggest that gravel or (even better) level concrete or a foundation of concrete slabs will ensure that your building will stand the test of time.

It is not much more difficult than building any DIY flat pack furniture, just a little larger.  So why not rope in a few more friends as well and then celebrate with a barbecue afterwards!  As well as wooden garage buildings you will find other wooden garden products such as decking, planters etc.  So there`s simply no need to pay more for garden buildings, the wood is great quality and it all comes with our guarantee of expertise and a great deal for you.