Timber Garage Kits

Made from wood straight from the forests of Northern Europe, we love these wooden prefabricated garages, timber garage kits and timber workshops to get you that muc needed storage or workspace you need! Outdoor storage and workspace is a must in the UK’s changeable weather. Whether for storing tools, potting equiptment, bikes or anything else, order one of our popular timber garage kits today. 

Shop for Garden has a superb range of timber workshops and timber garage kits that you could wish for in one place. For quality, prefabricated garages and timber workshops for your garden, you still don’t need to pay in excess - so come to Shop for Garden to get prefabricated garages made from wood, at source, and save money! Why pay more for timber garage kits from a shop? Shop for Garden is quite simply the number one place to find prefabricated garages and timber frame garage kits on the internet. 

A cabin for the garden, a garage, an outside office/workspace? Take a look through our range of new timber workshops or prefabricated garages! Make the most of your outdoor space without paying over the odds and store all the stuff you need to keep in your outdoor space in the most reasonably priced building – we sell the best timber frame garage kits to be found anywhere!

Timber workshops and timber frame garage kits are the cheapest way to erect storage for everything you need in the garden and unlike some other suppliers they aren’t made of poor quality wood to keep prices down – we keep prices low because we grow our own premium wood for all our timber garage kits and timber workshops in the Baltic forests and sell them online direct which means we can pass the savings on to you. So it is simply good sense to come to us for the cheapest deals in prefabricated garages made of good quality timber that will last.

The best prices on prefabricated garages, timber frame garage kits and timber workshops – all from Shop for Garden.