Log Cabins Surrey

If you are in need of a flat pack garden Log Cabins Surrey gardeners can order them from our convenient online shop here at Shop for Garden. The wood for our log cabins are cut from the lush green forests of Latvia in the North of Europe, seasoned, shaped, packaged by our experienced carpenters and sent out to you direct for the best deal.

A pine log cabin is constructed of pure quality Northern European wood which we source from managed forests for long life and durability. Your cabin is also fully recyclable - so nothing goes to waste.

Now, you could trawl around the local Surrey garden centres and pay high Surrey prices for your log cabin, or you can save a huge amount of money, by getting it delivered direct to you from the comfort of your armchair via the internet!

What better than a shed or log cabin in your garden to solve your storage needs?  Somewhere to sit and chill out with a glass of wine, conveniently store some garden tools, or carry out a hobby or two.  You can escape from the sun in a log cabin and shelter from the heat, or chilly wind, keep an armchair or two for chats with friends.  There`s no doubt that people who can steal a bit more outdoor space in their garden find it makes their living space that bit larger and more enjoyable.

From our European forests we send flat packed log cabins and many other garden furniture and wooden items all over the world.  So when it comes to delivering you all kinds of garden buildings and log cabins Surrey in the UK is not too far for us and you can expect delivery of your neatly packed log cabin within a couple of weeks, during which time you can prepare the ground it will go on. 

Any flat well drained area will do for your log cabin but prepare the ground as well as you can perhaps with gravel, and ensure that it is level and solid.  If you can ask a few friends to help you get your log cabin erected then the job will be done in a short time at a fraction of the price charged by your local Surrey garden centre.  We suggest at least two people are needed to get the log cabin up efficiently but clear instructions are included in the pack, so you cannot go wrong.

Assembly done, you can paint and decorate your log cabin, stain your log cabin or leave it au naturel. Customise it and make it yours if you wish! We do suggest you stain or paint the wood to ensure it withstands the weather.   But, at the end of its long and useful life your log cabin is fully recyclable.

Please look at the log cabins in our shop and make your selection.  If there are any other items you require, and don`t forget when it comes to garden furniture and other garden items, sheds and log cabins Surrey is not too far away to deliver what you need, at the right price.