flat pack timber garages

Here at Shop for Garden in Sussex we provide a whole manner materials to get your garden looking superb for all seasons. Many people require indoor space within their home but then there are those who like to tinker and potter outdoors and so require garages and sheds. For outdoor interests such as gardening, timber work or for car enthusiasts, it’s important that tools, cars and valuables are kept safe and dry.

That is why we provide quality flat pack timber garages in Sussex so that your belongings are shielded from the ever-changing weather. We prefer using sustainable, eco-friendly materials for our flat pack garages such as timber and other natural products. The sole reason we use timber for flat pack garages at your sunny garden in Sussex is because they are more environmentally friendly as well as being a more attractive option for your garages and outbuildings. Whether you require our team to make them up for you, or if you are capable of assembling it from one of our many flat pack sets, then rest assured all timber garages that we supply in Sussex come with a set of instructions for ease of assembling. Whatever it is that you require from us in Sussex we can guarantee that you will find the perfect timber garages for your outbuilding. Flat pack timber garages are cost-effective compared to traditional brick built designs. Shop For Garden are confident that you will find something to suit your needs, garden and of course, your budget!