build it yourself garage kits

Are you looking for a small DIY project? Shop for Garden can supply you with great quality sustainable materials for any garden or garage project you may want to take on. Our timber, is shipped all the way from the forests of Northern Europe which we can guarantee are durable and strong so that you can get the most out of them. We supply quality sheds which we can either assemble for you or, if you fancy building it yourself with one of our garage kits, then we will happily supply you with these. You can rest assured that if your build it yourself garage kit comes with full instructions for ease of assembling. And, at the end of its long and useful life, your garden shed is fully recyclable so nothing goes to waste. Shop for Garden supplies all garage build kits for whether you want to have a go at building it yourself or have one of our team do it for you and you can expect your delivery within 1-3 weeks from your order date.