Budget Log Cabins

Make room in your garden for a log cabin!  For those on a budget Log Cabins available from Shop for Garden are the reasonably priced alternative to the sometimes ridiculously expensive log cabins available from your local garden centres because we send them direct to you from the forests of Latvia, cutting out the middle man and his costs.

What kind of log cabin do you want?  Many of our customers use their log cabins in creative ways!

  • Party cabin complete with bar and lights
  • Hot tub changing area - or a cabin for the hot tub!
  • Sauna
  • Man Cave
  • Hobby Room
  • Study area or quiet (or even noisy!) work area

There are many more uses for these very handy outside buildings ... but first you need to get a good deal - with a budget log cabin - from us!

Your budget log cabin will arrive within about two weeks, complete with all instructions in English to erect it successfully.  We recommend that a minimum of two people should erect your log cabin.  Simply take a little time before your kit arrives to prepare a flat, stable foundation either earth, gravel or concrete and you should be ready to set it up as soon as your cabin arrives.  Concrete and/or paving slabs are the best foundation for your cabin.

What you are going to use your budget log cabin for has a big influence on the size, as of course, is the area available.  If you plan to do a lot of entertaining or hobbies then get as large a shed as you can fit into your area bearing in mind that once the chairs, benches, table and shelving is in, situ, it will look smaller inside. 

Your windows are pre-cut and come safely packed also, ready for installation in your completed budget log cabin.

So what are you waiting for? Shop for Garden`s budget log cabins are great places to play, work and relax.  Have a look at what`s available, today.